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Keeping it classy





Shay Shay Mad Mad


I remember when Shay Shay had a job years ago, I'm grateful he's available full time to be my wingman where he'll promote his tiny audience agenda stuff. I've told him he'll have a job in my administration, and after we both stopped laughing, he said "hell yeah". Shay certainly is qualified, h…

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And then there's this....

Special thanks to the LCI member who sent along this screenshot from Ehlers'. 



My Green Jacket


What a legend I am sporting my green jacket day after day after day. Chicks dig it. It's not weird. Really. 

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Trump Kids in Vermont - Unacceptable

My months of raunchy posts demanding impeachment of our racist, capitalist, fascist President clearly places me as the Vermont leader of the Anti-Trump movement. Privately, I'm coming around to some of his agenda. I digress. 
The news of Ivanka & Jared stepping foot into our…

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