James Ehlers for Governor

 Vulgar You Can Believe In

If you're looking for a lair running for Governor here's the proof


By now many Vermonters have read about James Ehlers' Facebook escapades via multiple articles in Vermont's own SEVEN DAYS. Those stories can be found here Link and the more recent August 30, 2017 Fair Game article Link. In an interview with political reporter John Walters, Ehlers denies repeatedly he tagged Republicans with abusive posts and this whole Facebook scandal is "fiction."

Ah, no actually. Keep reading. 

Excerpts from the SEVEN DAYS interview about Ehlers:

And this account from a former legislator and Navy officer

Ehlers responds by attacking those on the receiving end with his boilerplate rant minus the profane language he used daily prior to running for Gov. 


Fortunately ole James hasn't gotten around to deleting these seven posts on Facebook where he's tagged Republicans, posted the same meme of Trump urinating, and generally taunting those Walters described.  Remember, the most graphic obscenity filled posts Ehlers deleted from his Facebook page (don't fret, we have them). These images below were screenshots taken today, August 31, 2017. 


What say you VTDEM, Vermont media? 



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