James Ehlers for Governor

 Vulgar You Can Believe In

Ehlers No Longer Front Runner for Party Nomination


Good get by John Walters at Seven Days breaking the news about transgendered Christine Hallquist entering VT Governor's race and running as a Democrat. 

So what happens to Team Ehlers? They've been diligently working social media and beyond to find some steam for his underdog campaign, eliciting only lukewarm support among the democrat faithful. Six months since Ehlers announced his run and nothing he's accomplished intimidated Hallquist enough to keep her sidelined. 

Hallquist complicates Sander's potential financial involvement in the race for Ehlers. Would Sanders dare to endorse and raise money for your run-of-the-mill environmentalist with a penchant for the profane over a ground breaking transgender candidate in the year of #MeToo? We're betting Sanders keeps his powder dry and won't endorse until after the primary. 

Hallquist will tap into multiple national LGBT orgs for fundraising and gobble-up plenty of national/local media exposure. She'll beat Ehlers with her resume and pleasant temperament. If you're Phil Scott today, you elevated your re-election expectations from "not concerned" to "somewhat concerned". 

Welcome to the race Christine. 


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