James Ehlers for Governor

 Vulgar You Can Believe In

Sanders Holding Back Ehlers Endorsement 


Burlington, VT 

One hundred twenty two days since James Ehlers announced he's running for Governor and not a word of support from Progressive stalwarts Bernie Sanders or David Zuckerman. We're not surprised and Ehlers' likely isn't either. Even Shay Totten seems to have tempered his enthusiasm after we posted a small sampling of the graphic and vile Facebook posts Ehlers' launched this year. 

Multiple sources within VTDEM circles confirm the Party is looking for a candidate without the divisive baggage Ehlers' brings. Hard to see a reputable D like Minter or Dunne run against Scott as he's insulated himself as a Liberal Democrat/Liberal Republican. Vermont Democrats have two options, find a quality candidate to fight the fight against Phil Scott or hold their noses and watch the shit fly with Ehlers. 

Rest assured, we'll be standing by with our library if it's the latter. 





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