James Ehlers for Governor

 Vulgar You Can Believe In

Trump Kids in Vermont - Unacceptable

My months of raunchy posts demanding impeachment of our racist, capitalist, fascist President clearly places me as the Vermont leader of the Anti-Trump movement. Privately, I'm coming around to some of his agenda. I digress. 
The news of Ivanka & Jared stepping foot into our liberal bastion has me and Shay Shay all worked up. We're gathering our unemployed friends to picket and scream at the children of the President, nothing says tolerance like calling a young successful woman the devil's spawn! Unfortunately we haven't seen them since organizing, but there's tremendous solidarity (and campaign networking) in hanging with my available all day every day friends. 
I've decided my first act as Governor will be banning places like Twin Trump Farms which cater to the wealthy Republican clientele. There's no room for this kind of success in your world when I'm elected. 

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