James Ehlers for Governor

 Vulgar You Can Believe In

Where's Bernie's Endorsement? Psst..its not happening


‚ÄčIt's no secret Vermont Gubernatorial candidate James Ehlers is a no-hoper unless he lands an endorsement from Kingmaker Bernie Sanders. People close to Ehlers say it's his only path to raising money and will allow his low profile and low dollar campaign to fend off other more capable and better known democrats. Game fans know WINTER IS COMING, but Spring Primary season in political terms is around the corner. 

Oh but there's a fly in the proverbial ointment for Team Ehlers, seems Bernie has cooled off his talk of endorsing his progressive pal according to senior staffers in Sanders'camp. Off the record the Bern isn't happy with all those profane and threatening white man Facebook rants Ehlers' posted earlier this year. (The Bern has low approval numbers with minorities, endorsing a wild-eyed pistol waving Ehlers only hurts his progressive bona fides) Sanders has too much political capital these days to get bogged down in negative national press stories on why he's endorsed a candidate whose online behavior is a dumpster fire still simmering. Yep still simmering with what's public record and what could be released, rumored to be even more damaging and obscene. Yeah, it's that bad.


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