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Ehlers' Campaign Circling Drain, Calling It Quits?

Oh poor James, seems he just couldn't figure out how to clean up/remove offensive social media posts after all this time not raising money for his fledgling campaign. First he pissed off any moderates and conservatives who might of supported him with his raunch-fest social media tirade going back …

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If you're looking for a lair running for Governor here's the proof


By now many Vermonters have read about James Ehlers' Facebook escapades via multiple articles in Vermont's own SEVEN DAYS. Those stories can be found here Link and the more recent August 30, 2017 Fair Game article Link. In an interview with political reporter John Walters, Ehlers denies r…

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Ehlers Campaign Running On Fumes


Mark March 15, 2018 as the date the James Ehlers campaign for Governor died. The wild-eyed vulgarian raised only $19,000 since last Summer in his floundering campaign for Vermont Governor. By comparison, Christine Hallquist, in the race since late February raised over $40,000 with the goal…

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Ehlers No Longer Front Runner for Party Nomination


Good get by John Walters at Seven Days breaking the news about transgendered Christine Hallquist entering VT Governor's race and running as a Democrat. 

So what happens to Team Ehlers? They've been diligently working social media and beyond to find some steam for his underdog campaign, elici…

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Desperate Ehlers, Back to Old Tactics & Themes

Old habits die hard. 

Languishing campaigns resort to desperate measures and Ehlers returned to his yesterday posting images depicting Republicans as pedophiles and urinating on people. Special big balls award to Jimbo for revisiting his "Golden Shower" Trump meme he used to great affect earlier…

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Sanders Holding Back Ehlers Endorsement 


Burlington, VT 

One hundred twenty two days since James Ehlers announced he's running for Governor and not a word of support from Progressive stalwarts Bernie Sanders or David Zuckerman. We're not surprised and Ehlers' likely isn't either. Even Shay Totten seems to have tempered his enthus…

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Website Traffic Soaring

Analytics show continues to generate tremendous interest primarily from within Vermont, we also see substantial out-of-state traffic from northern Virginia/DC area and quite a few people in Georgia and other southern states paying attention. Politicos surveying the lay w…

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Where's Bernie's Endorsement? Psst..its not happening


‚ÄčIt's no secret Vermont Gubernatorial candidate James Ehlers is a no-hoper unless he lands an endorsement from Kingmaker Bernie Sanders. People close to Ehlers say it's his only path to raising money and will allow his low profile and low dollar campaign to fend off other more capable and bett…

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Site Traffic

Since the Seven Days articles appeared, we've had over 2000 visitors view over 3400 pages here. We'll freshen up the site soon. Thanks for checking back dutifully and we'll reward your diligence with more material soon enough. 

The Management 



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Keeping it classy





Shay Shay Mad Mad


I remember when Shay Shay had a job years ago, I'm grateful he's available full time to be my wingman where he'll promote his tiny audience agenda stuff. I've told him he'll have a job in my administration, and after we both stopped laughing, he said "hell yeah". Shay certainly is qualified, h…

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And then there's this....

Special thanks to the LCI member who sent along this screenshot from Ehlers'. 



My Green Jacket


What a legend I am sporting my green jacket day after day after day. Chicks dig it. It's not weird. Really. 

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Trump Kids in Vermont - Unacceptable

My months of raunchy posts demanding impeachment of our racist, capitalist, fascist President clearly places me as the Vermont leader of the Anti-Trump movement. Privately, I'm coming around to some of his agenda. I digress. 
The news of Ivanka & Jared stepping foot into our…

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