James Ehlers for Governor

 Vulgar You Can Believe In

You've likely heard this isn't the Official candidate site for James Ehlers for Vermont Governor.

That would be correct. This isn't.   


Unprincipled. Unproven. Unkempt. Progressive like Flo.


Visit the Blog section, check out authentic Facebook posts from James Ehlers we screen grabbed and posted last August.  

Who am I?

That's a very good question. A few  forward thinking Vermonters saved over 40 Facebook posts James Ehlers displayed before and after Donald Trump won the Presidency. The vulgar rants and obscene posts were scrubbed by Ehlers prior to his announcement of run for Governor. Luckily, nothing is ever truly deleted in this world, his words, memes and vile statements live on. 

We have released four of the forty plus screenshots taken from Ehlers Facebook prior to his deleting these foul reminders. Many others in our possession are even more vile and vulgar. 

That's the real James Ehlers, no denying it.